Selinunte, Marsala, Segesta

We visited the museum in Agrigento, then drove from Agrigento to Selinunte Tuesday morning (the drive was gorgeous, but it included an odd detour through a random town).  We stopped at a small bar for lunch, where they barely had enough food for all of us (I got an arancini with ham & cheese—it’s basically a big rice ball).  After checking in to the hotel and resting for a while, we headed up to the Acropolis full of temple ruins—the sirocco wind was very strong, but the site was neat and right on the water.  Derick and I watched the rest of “The Godfather, Part II,” then headed down for dinner, which consisted of arancini, various pastas (2 of 3 were seafood-based and not to my taste, the third was pomodoro), fish, salad, oranges, and ricotta-filled puff pastries.  We had to switch rooms because the shower didn’t work (which I discovered first-hand), but then I had the chance to catch a little Champions League soccer on tv.

Wednesday morning we drove to the museum of the Punic ship in Marsala (on the western tip of Sicily), where we saw the remains of a ship wrecked (it is presumed) during a naval battle at the end of the First Punic War in 241 B.C. (Marsala was known as Lilybaeum in Roman times).  Marsala is also famous for being the site of Garibaldi’s landing in 1860.  We had lunch (homemade pomodoro pasta, salad, and the same puff pastries from the night before, but better and warmer) at a nice trattoria on the water and down the street from the museum.  After another drive inland through the beautiful Sicilian countryside, we visited the theater and temple at Segesta, one of the most gorgeous spots I have seen!  My photos do not do it justice—allora….  For dinner at the hotel, we had risotto with vegetables, pasta alla norma (pomodoro with eggplant), chicken & potatoes, fruit salad, and a “semifreddo” cake.  Tomorrow it’s on to Palermo.


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