Capodimonte & Rome

Saturday we finished our Vergilian Society tour of Campania with a trip to the (unrelated to ancient Rome) Capodimonte art museum in Naples.  There was lots of religiously themed art, including a giant dead babies painting (about the slaughter of the innocents), and a very cool Artemisia Gentileschi painting of Judith and Holofernes (unfortunately, no pictures allowed in the museum).

After the museum, the bus took us back to Rome (stopping at an Auto Grill along the way for lunch).  It took Kathleen and me a few minutes to realize we were standing right next to our hotel, but we eventually did get in.  After catching up on emails, a number of us headed over to the Vatican for a trip to St. Peter’s and some shopping.  Nicole and I got gelato at Gelateria del Theatro on Coronari (I got pure chocolate, Nicole got white peach—they have like 40 cool flavors!), then met everyone at Trevi for a ceremonious tossing of a coin over our shoulders to insure a return trip to Rome one day.  For dinner, we had a last helping of Dar Poeta pizza in Trastevere, then went to hang out by the Garibaldi statue and get more gelato at Miami.  It was a fun extra night remembering our time in Rome.

Sunday was a very long day, of course, with gaining six hours and spending 10 hours on an airplane.  Everything was happily uneventful (I watched 2 tv shows and 3 movies on the plane), and I arrived home to meet Jamie, Robbie, and Gus at the airport.

It has been an amazing summer for me and my toga-clad sheep!  Now it’s time to move and start life in Pottstown!


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