Saepinum & Beneventum

On our last full day of the Vergilian Society program, we started (after our typical breakfast of fried eggs) with a long bus ride into the mountains to Saepinum, an old, small Samnite town with well-preserved walls and bits of a triumphal arch of Narratius Priscus (once a potential heir to Trajan).  The weather was wonderful (a nice, cool breeze), and we ate our lunches there before we left.

Our next stop was Beneventum, where I finally got to see in person the Arch of Trajan that I wrote a grad school paper on five years ago.  Happily, I had re-read my paper the night before, because Anne found out that I knew about the arch and asked me to speak on it.  We also walked over to a museum, where there was a cool sculpture of a knitting woman and some artifacts from a Temple of Isis.

We drove through a bit of a storm on the way home, where I did some packing before dinner.  For our last dinner, we had pasta with clams, calamari (and shrimp that I didn’t eat), carrots, french fries, lemon ice, lemon cake, and house-made limoncello (a bit strong).

This post is being made a bit late, as we had internet problems our last day at the Villa.  I will post on my return to Rome and then home when I get back to the states!


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