Baiae & Misenum

Today we visited the Castellum of Baiae, which guards the Cape of Misenum on the Bay of Baiae.  We had a view over the bay where Nero failed to have his mother, Agrippina, killed in a planned shipwreck (though he did have her stabbed afterwards).  The castle itself houses a museum with remains from Cumae, Puteoli, and the region in general.  We then went to the Baths of Baiae, basically a giant resort for noble Romans back in the day.  An interesting highlight of this visit was the so-called Temple of Mercury, which is a very early dome that has very good acoustics and attracted a couple of singers.  We also saw an inverted fig tree.

We came back to the Villa for a lunch of pizza, fried zucchini flowers, and watermelon, then headed out for an afternoon at the beach in Misenum.  Ryan, Peter, and I swam over to the cliffs and joined the Italians in jumping off (my dive turned into something of an embarrassing flip, but it was fun); unfortunately (although, I am sure, somewhat humorously to Jamie, who has experienced much worse), I seem to have brushed up against a sea urchin.  On the drive home, we stopped at the top of a hill for a great view of Baiae, the Bay of Naples, Capri, and Ischia.

For dinner we had pasta with meat sauce, steak, salad, bruschetta, and gelato.  I am loving my experience, but I am on a bit of a countdown for home…Sunday is getting closer.


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