Naples Museum, Boscoreale, & Puteoli

We started the day at the Naples Archaeological Museum.  They have a great collection of statuary (the Farnese collection from the Baths of Caracalla) & a ton of stuff from Pompeii, Herculaneum, etc—all kinds of mosaics, artifacts, and paintings!  I particularly enjoyed the mosaics, the Three Graces fresco, and the “secret room” of erotic art.

We then headed to Boscoreale, where we looked at the wine-producing villa from the outside (it was unsafe to go inside the villa) and learned that the eruption of Vesuvius was probably in October or November of 79 (not August).  We also checked out the museum, which houses some neat remains (including bread, garum, a dog, and a pig).

Our final stop of the day was at Puteoli, where we got to check out the amphitheater there, the 3rd largest in Italy.  Particularly neat was the chance to go underneath the arena floor.

When we got back a little early, Nicole and I walked down the (somewhat dangerous) road to explore the beach—nice to go for an evening dip.  For dinner, we had beef manicotti (I think—it was good, in any case), thin steak & mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake.


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