Today was the big day in Pompeii—you would think that means a long blog post, but I think the pictures will do most of the talking.  I basically have a list of cool things we saw: Temple of Apollo; Forum, capitolium, & basilica; Building of Eumachia; the Mensa Penderaria (weights & measures table); the Villa of the Mysteries outside the walls; the Street of Tombs; the House of the Faun; the macellum (with some cool human remains); the Temple of Vespasian; the Suburban Baths; the lupanar (brothel); the odeon & theater; the amphitheater; the wall painting of Venus on the Half-Shell; the House of Menander; the Temple of Isis; the Stabian Baths; and the outside of the House of Caecilius (the main character from the first Cambridge book—unfortunately, the house was closed and I could not go in).  Definitely plenty of pictures today!

For dinner, we had baked ziti, some sort of steak, french fries, and tiramisu.  Time for a shower to help cool off before bed.


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