Porta Portese

I woke up early this morning to get some cappuccino and head over to Porta Portese, a huge (it must be at least a mile long) open air market of street vendors. I found a new leather wallet and a shirt for Robbie, but got lost trying to make my way back to the front. They tell you to watch out for pickpockets at the market, but I didn’t have any problems until I got on the bus towards Largo Argentina (which is normally a tram) to look for blood orange gelato (no luck)—I caught the creep trying to reach into my pocket just in time and promptly shoved him off the bus. Not cool.

I came back to the Centro for the afternoon and took care of some emails, some laundry, some napping, and some packing for tomorrow. For dinner, Nicole, Matt, & I went to the Sicilian place up the street—I had some stuffed ravioli, fried seafood & vegetables (calimari, fish, zucchini, eggplant, and some shrimp I did not eat), and an amazing cannolo.

Tomorrow we leave the Centro and take a bus down to Terracina & Sperlonga (a couple of sites we have already seen) on the way to Cumae, as we start the Vergilian Society section of our trip. Vale, Roma!


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One Response to Porta Portese

  1. I had Bernini for dinner that night. Thought of you guys! Poor Eddie missed out (girls’ night), but I did bring him some leftovers!

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