Ostia Theater

I tried to sleep in and take it a little easy this morning after our late farewell dinner last night.  After a little breakfast in my room (bread & nutella), I worked on my lesson plan for a while before starting my day.  It’s a little weird around here as most people left today.  This afternoon I went out for a little shopping with Janet & Nicole (and found perfect little watercolor postcards by chance), then returned to meet up with Ted, Kathleen, Ellen, & Janet to go to Ostia.  The ristorante Susann had recommended didn’t open until 8, so we had dinner at the place next door.  Unfortunately, that place had lots of fruit flies and the like (although the lasagna and wine was quite good).  After dinner we headed to the Ostia theater to see an Italian version of Plautus’ Latin play, Pseudolus.  Very neat experience, complete with fun made at the French and singing & dancing.  We finished the night with one of our last trips to Miami Gelateria, where I got some apples & cinnamon gelato.


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Latin Teacher at The Hill School Atlanta Braves & US Soccer Fan
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