Subura & Farewell

The last day of the American Academy’s Classical Summer School for 2012 began with a bus trip to S. Constanza and S. Agnese off the Via Nomentana.  S. Constanza was the mausoleum of Constantine’s daughter Constantina, and has an annular barrel vault with very cool glass mosaics circling a closed dome.  S. Agnese used to be shaped like a circus (you can still see it) and was a burial church.  We then bussed over to S. Maria Maggiore (I had visited the tomb of Bernini here before).  Meg gave us a tour of the archaeological remains she has been working on underneath the church, including some remains of a painted calendar (an old-style one which begins in March).  Our final group activity was a tour of the Subura (the old slum neighborhood running from the Cispian Hill down to the Forum).

Mike, Nicole, Erin, and I went to Dar Poeta one last time for lunch (thank you again, Magistra Nickelsburg!), then I headed back to the Centro and spent much of the afternoon picking paint colors for our place at The Hill.  Our farewell dinner here was a lot of fun, with lots of great food (I bought a Centro cookbook), Meg doing a flaming shot of sambuca, and some goodbyes.  Mike, Nicole, and I also took one last walk over to Garibaldi (which I just realized I have been spelling wrong all summer!)

I have a couple more days here before we head down to Cumae/Naples for the Vergilian Society portion of our summer tour of Italy.  It’s great to get a couple days off, but it is weird seeing everyone leaving.  A big shout of gratitude to Susann and Meg (and Franco and the Centro staff) for a great program!


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