Portus, Isola Sacra, & Barberini

We took a bus to Portus (the artificial harbor built near Ostia by Claudius & Trajan) this morning.  It was a bit of a nature hike through the weeds, but it was neat to see the hexagonal harbor built by Trajan.  We then drove a short way to Isola Sacra, the island created by the canal from Portus to the Tiber, where we saw a neat necropolis.  We also got to see Matt & Meg do a juggling show there!

When we got back, a few of us had lunch at Hard Rock Café, and then I went back to Palazzo Barberini.  Some really neat pieces in there, including Raphael’s La Fornarina, Metsys’ Portrait of Erasmus & Judith with the Head of Holophernes (and one by Caravaggio), and Holbein’s Henry VIII.

This evening we had drinks in the garden at Susann’s place by the American Academy (and all received our certificates), then had dinner at the Centro—salad, bean/pasta soup, sausages & fries, and blackberry cake.  It’s a bit strange knowing there is only one day left in the CSS here in Rome; and a bit weirder, still, that I won’t be home for 2 more weeks after!


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