Baths of Diocletian, Montemartini, & Terme Museum

Our second day of baths started a little rough, as a few of us missed the earlier bus and ended up a few minutes late to S. Maria degli Angeli (the ancient Baths of Diocletian), designed by Michelangelo.  Neat space, and you get a feel for how the inside of a bath would have felt.  Due to another museum strike, we had to flip-flop our schedule for the day; ergo, we took the subway to Via Ostiense to visit the Montemartini museum (although my troubled day continued when I couldn’t fit on the first train and had to wait for the next one alone; however, I somehow made it to the museum before Susanne).  We saw some well-known portrait sculptures, including the togaed Barbarini set, but I was more amused by the sculpture of Bennius L.—the original Benny Lava!  Of course he was actually Bennius, Libertus (freedman).

During a lunch break, I had a Magnum ice cream bar and a piece of Bacio chocolate (these come with fortunes—mine said that men get joy from feeling, women from giving—do with that what you will).  After a train ride back to Termini, we listened to Matt’s presentation on the Laudatio Turiae, then explored the Terme Museum.  There we explored the epigraphic collection (and I took a few pictures of particularly interesting ones that I can use in class one day, including a eulogy in hexameter) and the large garden.

Before heading back to the Centro, Mike, Nicole, and I checked out Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Theresa at S. Maria Della Vittoria near Termini.  I grabbed a small pizza sandwich to hold me over until dinner, which I believe will be scallopini tonight.


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