Monte Testaccio & Markets of Trajan

We got a slightly later start this morning, heading off to Monte Testaccio, an artificial hill made of broken shards of amphorae in the first couple centuries of the empire (like Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach).  We also walked through the neighborhood, looking at the Navalia (ship dock formerly known as Porticus Amelia) slanting toward the Tiber, before taking the bus to the Markets of Trajan.  These weren’t necessarily markets; more likely they served as offices for important imperial officials.  They overlook the Forum of Trajan and provide great views of that part of the city.  They are right behind the exedra of Trajan’s Forum, they hemicycle shape of which helps hold up the weight of the part of the Quirinal that Trajan cleared (the height of which is marked by the height of the Column).

Sam, Nicole, Mike, and I got lunch at Dar Poeta then headed back to the Centro for a rest.  This evening, we had a lecture by John Clarke on mosaics at the AAR (I was a few minutes late because I fell asleep), then I played some ping pong in the Centro garden.  For dinner, we had ricotta & arugula, spaghetti, lamb & fried potatoes, and a yummy custard/preserves dessert.


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