Palatine Houses

We took the bus to the Palatine this morning to visit a few houses and talk about Roman wall paintings, which I really enjoyed seeing.  We visited the House of Livia (which may or may not have been such), the House of Augustus (same), the House of the Griffins (named for some sculptured griffins on the wall), and the Aula Isiaci (which has Egyptianizing features, and so is sometimes associated with Isis—hence, the name).  Even if these houses aren’t the actual houses of Livia and Augustus, they give us a really good idea of what upper class houses on the Palatine were like in the late Republic/early Empire.  The colors are amazing, and I don’t know why we don’t decorate our walls and ceilings like this today.

Mike, Nicole, and I grabbed some lunch at a café on Quattro Venti nearby, then got a chance to rest for the afternoon before a lecture on Augustan Rome at the AAR.  I took a couple items to the post office—you take a number like at the DMV, so that was interesting (I didn’t have to wait long since I was just posting something; apparently, you can also take care of some financial business there).

Salad, pasta, and then hamburgers and french fries for dinner (along with some wine I had bought)!  A few of us also got gelato and sat on the terrace for a while in the lovely weather.  Good day.


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