Galleria Borghese & Euro Final in the Circus

I got to sleep in a little this morning before catching the bus (after a long wait) for the Galleria Borghese.  Cynthia and I couldn’t find the connecting 63 bus and were directed to a different one that took us to the wrong part of the Borghese park, so we had to hustle to make it to the museum in time.  The museum itself was wonderful, except that they don’t let you take pictures and you have a 2 hour time limit.  I loved getting to see the Bernini sculptures in person, especially the Daphne & Apollo and the Rape of Persephone (that one is stunning in its life-likeness).

After another long wait for a bus near the park, we ended up waiting another forty minutes or so for the connecting bus back to Trastevere.  By that point I was hungry, thirsty, and frustrated, but I found some coffee (and some friends in the café), and a banana.  We then had a lecture on Roman wall paintings at the Academy (no real day off this week, which is rough) before taking a short break and heading out to the game.  Mike, Nicole, and I met Mike’s friend Ally for dinner (which we had trouble finding over by the Circus), and then joined the masses for the Euro Final between Italy and Spain.  It was an amazing scene, but unfortunately Spain crushed Italy 4-0 (so we didn’t even get to see the crowd cheer for one goal).

Hopefully  a less frustrating day tomorrow.


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