Porta Maggiore and Praeneste

I grabbed a croissant for breakfast this morning then got on the bus for Praeneste.  We stopped at the Servian Wall and Porta Maggiore (an intersection of a number of roads and aqueducts on the Esquiline), where the Tomb of the Bakers is.

In Praeneste the bus took us up the hill to the Temple of Fortuna, a huge complex multi-level terraces, an interesting origin story (related by Cicero) having to do with lots being drawn from a deep well, and a cavea with temporary scaenae.  And the view was great (and included a villa of Augustus).  Inside the museum, we got to see a reconstructed model of the temple, as well as one of the coolest mosaics in existence—the Nile Mosaic.

Simple lunch on my own today of fruit, vegetables, and a granola bar.  This afternoon I caught up on some minor tasks and some reading, then went for a run.  A number of us went to see a concert (which turned out to be a church service in celebration of the Feast of St. Peter) of the Choir of Westminster Abbey at S. Maria Sopra Minerva near the Pantheon.  We then went to dinner at a restaurant nearby that Michelle Obama has eaten at (very good cannelloni and house wine) before checking out Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps at night.  Late evening, but worth it!  When in Rome…


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