Minturnae and Aqueducts

Today we traveled down to Minturnae, which is on the ancient Liris River and marks the border between Latium (Lazio) and Campania (it’s also near to where Marius hid in the swamps in 88 B.C.).  We got to see the theater, fora, basilica, baths, Capitolium, and latrine (no seats remaining) and work on understanding site plans.  We went from the site to the beach—neat views of mountains very near to the coast.  We had to pay 10 Euros for 2 umbrellas, but it’s worth it for shade.  I also tried a Magnum Bar for the first time—very  yummy.  I did end up with a bit of sunburn, but I enjoyed my first time in the Mediterranean!

After the beach we headed back toward Rome, stopping at the Aqueduct Park at Romavecchia.  We got to see the Aqua Marcia and Aqua Claudia/Aquia Anio Novus (as well as a flock of sheep being herded by shepherds with staffs!)

For dinner, we had salad, spaghetti, and pork and mashed potatoes, followed by strawberry cake/pudding.  I headed out for the evening with Jeanna to watch the Spain-Portugal game (Spain won on penalties); tomorrow a larger group will probably head to Tiber Island to watch the Italy game.


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