Day of the Dead

Early breakfast of eggs and ham, then caught a private bus to Tarquinia (about 1.5 hours north) to see Etruscan tomb paintings at the Monterozzi Necropolis.  Very cool to see tombs from so long ago still intact, though they did get a little repetitive for my taste.  You really have to descend as if into the underworld!  The town of Tarquinia and the area around it are beautiful.  We also visited the museum to see a number of sarcophogi (no pictures allowed).  Professor Lusnia at one point noted that the Etruscans used linen for writing, which is why pretty much none of it survives; however, one piece ended up as a mummy wrapping in Zagreb, Egypt.

After walking around the town for lunch (I had some salad and mediocre tiramisu to go with my packed lunch), we headed to Cerveteri to see the tumuli there.  They pretty much all looked the same (which is cool enough in itself—there is certainly a resemblance to later Roman atrium houses), but it was fun to climb up and down the stone steps and duck into the big tumuli.

After the bus ride home, we had dinner (risotto, fried potatoes, beets, pork chops, and pumpkin cake).  Hoping to get to bed a little earlier tonight—I am having a blast, but I am a bit beat!  Ciao!


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