Orientation Day

After a satisfying breakfast at the Centro, we headed to the American Academy and received a tour of the Gianicolo from Prof. Brennan.  This included the Acqua Paola and Mausoleum of the Girabaldini (which I had found yesterday), as well as the giant equestrian statue of Girabaldi.  There is also a statue of Anita Garibaldi (his wife), depicting her as riding a horse while breastfeeding and shooting a pistol–talk about multi-tasking!  The sycamores on the road leading up to the Girabaldi statue are gorgeous, as is the view of St. Peter’s to be had at the back of the hill.

After our tour we had library and program orientations at the AAR, followed by a wonderful lunch in the courtyard (risotto, bread, green beans, yogurt).  Next came our course introduction and Centro orientation, after which I used some free time to explore the neighborhood with Mike and do a little shopping (apparently you are supposed to weigh produce and label it yourself when you put it in a produce bag–now I know this).

In the evening we had a lovely wine reception on the beautiful AAR grounds, followed by a fabulous dinner at the Centro (salad, pesto pasta, chicken drumsticks, and potatoes, followed by pistachio & hazelnut gelato).  I am told there is a recipe book for the Centro–I will try to obtain it.

I am still settling in, but my room is comfortable, the scenery and food everywhere are amazing, and I think this will be a great experience.

Your challenge: find the sheep in one of my photos today.  Arrivaderci!


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