Whew!  This has certainly been one of the longest days of my life.  The plane was delayed at the gate/on the runway for 2.5 hours (so that much more time sitting on board), and we had to wait a fair while for our shuttle at the airport in Rome.  After a few tries, however, I did succeed (with the help of a very nice German-speaking fellow) in withdrawing euros using an ATM.

Once we arrived at the Centro, I took a short break to settle in before heading out with a number of my colleagues to check out the local supermarket and grab lunch (lasagna rossa–yummy!) at a local gastronomia (deli).  After trying my first real Italian gelato (stracciatella with chocolate–double yummy!), Ted and I set off to look for a washcloth (turns out they are not provided with the linens at the Centro) and explore Trastevere.  The washcloth search proved fruitless on a Sunday, but we got a great look at the neighborhood.  I finally got a shower after our return, and later I will look for dinner and an early bedtime (and maybe some Euro soccer on tv).


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  1. saholc says:

    Ordered pizza napoli at dinner tonight; I did not know this meant the pizza would have anchovies on it. Yuk! But still, lovely atmosphere here and some good grilled veggies. First day of the program is tomorrow.

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